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26-12 23:40:35 Reverendo Bernocchi hello to all brothers and sisters ... in case you have spent a Christmas of shit .. .. get at least 2 laughs, to start the new year well «link» «link»
16-12 5:49:27 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, i seen, something was wrong in maplist order on Modded V. Map change (by number), in fact start a wrong map.. ...anyway, isn't a big problem can take it easy. Have a Nice Day, Bro :D
5-12 11:26:51 Rorshah heya guys is there any VIP or Admin can remove my curse ? when i kill someone i die too. I made 20 kills and 0 deaths with the TANK and i didn't know that there is a curse :/
30-11 22:02:04 G1o O.O
30-11 17:39:17 [UPA] Nation GhostG1 :P
8-11 21:51:06 Reverendo Bernocchi Yeah, dude ...everyday, old cheaters, come back with new accounts (and same old cheats), but never,never,never, return with "one brain", in the fucking empty head. CHEATERS in GAME = LOSERS in LIFE!. Thank's bro, Report all the fucking cheaters you found in game! ...even new accounts of these assholes, can be banned. Have a nice day, dude ...thx again.
8-11 7:46:51 J Good morning fellas, once again need help with Nemoskal V, painkiller4 blatantly botting, snapping 180 degrees twice during the kill cam; erratic snappy unhuman aiming all around, thanks guys.
1-11 4:38:26 Reverendo Bernocchi too many cheaters tonight on MODDED V, permanent ban, doesn't work, only 10min ban, but for these cocksucker, need a permanent. cursed some faggots (like BRAZZERS). BAN THIS COCKSUCKER PERMANENT. thx. xD
22-10 2:32:35 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Mr. PapeteDoSeninha, do you remember what i've talking about last night?? The Kalergi plan? The Rothschild Family? ...yes mate, we are all in the shit!!!, search the differences
...see you soon bro, have a nice day. :)
21-10 15:50:18 NEMOSKAL O.O :D :D
21-10 13:28:27 NEMOSKAL I don't give a fuck what you write, nokhod!
18-10 1:19:37 Reverendo Bernocchi The ethics of an unbeliever is more pure and disinterested than that of a believer who behaves well because fears "divine punishment" and he hopes for "rewards" in the afterlife. -Margherita Hack-
18-10 1:17:53 Reverendo Bernocchi yeah Cpt. Nemo T. István Szász he was a wise man :D
17-10 7:35:19 NEMOSKAL "If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia." - Thomas Szasz
16-10 20:46:14 Reverendo Bernocchi need help? ... god pig, absolutely yes ... ... a great help, I asked god (many years ago), but at the moment ... ... no answer ... in the meantime, I became "Reverend" , hoping that, becoming a member of his crew, he would answer me first, but ... I was wrong again. Life, it's a fucking sequence of mistakes, the important thing is to realize it. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I wish you a good day, Mr. Diesel. See you soon brother. :D
16-10 4:28:31 DieselPow3R u need help dude
16-10 4:11:14 Reverendo Bernocchi ok Mr. Diesel, at this point, there are 3 possibilities: The first, is that you can use some cheat, which is not recorded in the video, the second (more worrying), is that you are affection, from some serious form of autism, the third (more serious), is that you make use of cocaine or methamphetamine. Anyway, Nice play (or nice cheat), or good drug, in any case...'re too powerful for me... ...i have no chance :P ...see you soon in game bro :P
16-10 3:51:16 DieselPow3R here you go reverendo :)
16-10 3:51:04 DieselPow3R «link»
15-10 12:44:07 Mero Hello, Yesterday I was playing in the server ( nemoskal v ) but the supervisor expelled me and I do not know why and on the science I have been playing in this server since its inception and did not happen to me before, so if you let me help you to enter again my name in the game( Da3esh ) :_(
15-10 8:15:36 Peter Quill u destroyed mcom
14-10 18:39:36 klsvki And how can I get unbanned?
14-10 18:39:15 klsvki Can someone tell me why peter quill banned me without giving me a reason. Like I dont even know why man, killing me. I fucking love this server..
12-10 3:37:47 Reverendo Bernocchi Date: 12/10/2018 Time 05.32 AM (UTC/GMT +1)
Apparently, everything seems to have returned to normal. Now, the statistics update works correctly. :D
11-10 1:15:30 J I'm on elite pomoika and some weird crap is going on
11-10 1:15:21 J Is there an admin tool that messes with a players mouse sensitivity
10-10 18:03:02 IgorVolkor35Rus я туда написал
10-10 18:02:57 IgorVolkor35Rus а группа вк
10-10 15:22:10 MeTeOrA_ONI IgorVolkor35Rus, создаешь тему на форуме и скидываешь туда видео как ты играешь, мы все смотрим и решаем читеришь ты или нет
10-10 10:27:03 ArkenixPrime Uncurse me pls
9-10 17:48:52 IgorVolkor35Rus я в бт 2 играю с 2012 года
9-10 17:48:22 IgorVolkor35Rus админ гоу на проверку или куда дэмку запилить что я так играю у меня счет был 27 на 1 дак если хардкор там достаточно 1 раз попасть с м 95 хоть в ногу а вы баните я вобше не понимаю накой анти чтито стоит кароче огорчили вы меня
9-10 17:45:01 IgorVolkor35Rus че за бред какие читы и за вх че за бан
7-10 23:35:45 MeTeOrA_ONI за то что ты читериш
7-10 23:34:48 MeTeOrA_ONI @IgorVolkor35Rus Тебе кто то из админов сделал Curse
7-10 17:12:22 Zekaev i have same problem too
6-10 23:38:42 Reverendo Bernocchi O.O anyone have an idea, how to fix this fucking wait? «link»
6-10 18:10:18 Reverendo Bernocchi :D GREAT NEMO ...Thank's
6-10 7:48:52 NEMOSKAL ping fixed
5-10 21:21:37 Reverendo Bernocchi OMG ping 999 on all servers :O :_(
5-10 16:43:08 Rūdolfs Nemoskal V... needs restart, commands nor working
5-10 4:51:33 Noel I need an admin to check on my ban appeal. Will be appreciated. Cheers in advance. :)
4-10 9:55:33 J page or script must be broken the maps are wrong
4-10 9:55:25 J Nemoskal V is on phu bai valley, there's a guy named keke_001 in it he's botting snapping around like a sprinkler
4-10 9:54:53 J okay
26-9 3:31:42 Reverendo Bernocchi Thank's Cpt. Nemo :D
18-9 0:52:05 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola SuperGaby ...happy to hear you again :)
16-9 14:12:52 Zekaev :) its ok
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