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22-11 16:38:13 Gabriela Michell done
22-11 16:37:30 Welotarow well that is one of mine as well
22-11 16:37:07 Gabriela Michell healing-abuser?
22-11 16:36:40 Welotarow well.. at least my main account is
22-11 16:36:31 Welotarow my player name in Bad Comnapy 2 is Welotarow
22-11 16:36:26 Gabriela Michell your player name
22-11 16:35:54 Welotarow Im not sure I know what you mean
22-11 16:35:28 Gabriela Michell nick name
22-11 16:35:24 Welotarow Welotarow
22-11 16:35:11 Welotarow thank you very much, appreciated :)
22-11 16:35:07 Gabriela Michell player name
22-11 16:34:43 Gabriela Michell sure
22-11 16:34:30 Welotarow Anyway, Is there any possibility to get unbanned?
22-11 16:33:23 Welotarow was camping*
22-11 16:33:06 Welotarow And how did I manage to get 30/2 KD? I most of the time camping on top of 10 boosted health packs with boosted armor.
22-11 16:31:42 Welotarow Thank you for the information.
I have played this game actively about 10 years, most with my main account named “Welotarow”. Within my about 2000 hours of gameplay I learned how to aim and press q all the time. It also helps a lot to use extremely big screens for playing. Usually I use 40 inch screen which makes aiming far distances much easier than with a normal sized screen.

Of course I had level 0 account as it was just created because my other account was banned earlier from the same server with similar false accusations.

Is there any possibility that me being stated as a cheater could be taken into reconsideration?
22-11 16:19:02 Gabriela Michell WH + aimbot
22-11 16:18:45 Gabriela Michell 30/2 KD and you are level 0
22-11 16:18:10 Welotarow but why?
22-11 16:17:57 Gabriela Michell banned
22-11 16:17:42 Welotarow Healing-abuser
22-11 16:17:20 Gabriela Michell Playername?
22-11 16:16:47 Welotarow I had something like 30/2 KD and I got again banned from the NEMOSKAL modded V server. This time I was playing with the name Healing-abuser. “You have been kicked from the game. The reason is: Banned by admin”.

I truly wonder what did I do wrong this time. It would be nice to know the reason that I will not get banned again after buying another BC2 key for 3 euros or so.

Is it stated somewhere in the server rules for example that medic pack spamming is not allowed? I cannot think any other reason. Or maybe the admin just had a bad day?
22-11 4:27:54 Gabriela Michell ciao
21-11 1:30:57 Reverendo Bernocchi LOL, at the end, the BanHammer strikes back, and (for what i can see), it work very well also against the "robots", not only against the faggots cheaters :D always, nice work Captain.
Have a Nice Day Bro, and...
...thank's for what you do. :)
20-11 21:30:50 Welotarow Hello to all.
NEMOSKAL, would it be possible to unban and uncurse my characters on Bad Company 2 server “Nemoskal modded V”?

Banned and cursed:

No cheats here (if ridiculously big computer main screen is not counted as one). I have just cumulated some kind of idea how to play this game during the 10 years and about 2000 hours of game time.
I also don’t think that these were the last times I managed to reach either 20/0 or 50/10 KD on Nemoskal modded server. Therefore I would also like to ask what is the right channel to post these type of requests in the future?
20-11 5:29:39 NEMOSKAL Yes, already banned this robot. Highway! OOPS, sorry... Hi, Vey!
20-11 0:38:20 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Vey ...welcome back :)
...Hi Nemo ...i just seen the latest member registered on the forum: The name is: parimatch.cyouMU, so My question is (if i have understand well, what you've explained me): considering the 2 uppercase letters at the end (MU); there's a possibility that user is another one generated by same type of fucking script, that generated StantonBlagoLR ???
19-11 15:59:25 Vey19 Отдельный привет Немо))
19-11 15:59:08 Vey19 Hi all, how are you guys?
13-11 21:39:27 Reverendo Bernocchi oh christ! ... I was unaware of the existence of these "bots"
... I was convinced it was a "physical" person
...I have to admit that whoever programmed this shit
is a fucking genius!
...Thanks for the knowledge you gave me, captain
...Have a nice day, brother. :)
13-11 7:17:59 NEMOSKAL They follow the script, register themself with random names according to some algorythm (this one has 2 capital letters at the end) and post some AD shit
13-11 7:16:25 NEMOSKAL «link»
13-11 2:53:00 Reverendo Bernocchi oh fuck, a bot? really?? ... forgive my ignorance, cpt. Nemo, but: how the fuck is that possible? ... last night (when I wrote him to be seen by a psychoanalyst), he was logged into your site, and he was writing bullshit ... but what the fuck, I was convinced that it was yet another fucking banned cheater, who was giving vent to his ignorance and frustration ... I never thought, it could be a "bot", also because, I haven't the vague idea, how a "bot" works :D
what to say: there is always something to learn :)
... I wish you a very good day Captain Nemo. :)
12-11 15:01:08 NEMOSKAL It's a bot, normally they are stoped with capcha, but some just go time to time through.
12-11 3:17:29 Reverendo Bernocchi O.O Hey StantonBlagoLR ...STOP SPAM BULLSHITS, and: go see a good psychoanalyst (before it's too late) :O :O
6-11 22:07:34 G1o! O.O
4-11 6:41:13 NEMOSKAL Uncursed
29-10 9:52:19 Cheems Jacksom My in-game name is Cheems69
29-10 9:50:21 Cheems Jacksom Hi, today I was cursed by someone (sorry I don't remember his name) while playing rush in Oasis map in Nemoskal modded V for having 20 kills without any death :( can you please uncurse me I was not cheating ?
23-10 20:08:47 NEMOSKAL Write me on discord
23-10 9:39:24 Michael Hello Nemo...I love your servers and I´d like to apply for admin on them... :)
23-10 0:29:56 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Mr. Michael, unfortunately I can login only sometimes, and always at night (Italian time), and I have never met this fagot (otherwise I would have surely already banned him), but it is also possible, that it is some cheater already banned in the past, which returns to breaking the balls, with a stupid new account. Unfortunately, it is full of idiots, who (rather than learning to play honestly) prefer to be insulted first, and then banned!
What to say: an idiot, obviously can't understand that he's an idiot, otherwise... ... he would't be an idiot! :)

anyway, thanks again for the "report" Michael; surely sooner or later, some admin will ban it. (me for sure, if i meet this dumbass) :)
...Have a Nice Day Bro
22-10 15:54:14 Michael nickname - ThatsMrGreen2U ! if you're reading this - playing with an advantage using a hack is mean and humiliating. I appeal to the administration: I have noticed more than once that THIS player is highly likely to use something that allows you to see other players through the textures. in other words, he uses a hack. and also repeatedly in the chat (inside the team) also claim that he uses a hack. plays constantly on your servers.
17-10 2:56:29 Reverendo Bernocchi ERRATA CORRIGE: nearlaw is clean (is not gerg27.3) ...sorry for the mistake ;)
16-10 3:53:30 Reverendo Bernocchi For all Admins:
NoobSIayer -|-
nearlaw and (probably) stoner1
is Same Asshole Cheater! BAN HIM EVERYWHERE!!!!
16-10 3:36:55 Reverendo Bernocchi For all Admins:
NoobSIayer -|-

is Same Asshole Cheater! BAN HIM EVERYWHERE!!!!
16-10 2:42:36 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Vrabelisss, if you're Auto-banned in Nemoskal Modded IV, is just for 24 hours; you're banned by a script (created by Nemo as a AntiCheat), for "possible WH" (Sniper score 20/2). Isn't a Permanent Ban, is just a Temporary Ban (you can play again, 24 hours after this ban), so ...just wait 24h, and in the meantime, (to relax yourself), read these few simple server info and rules:


Have a nice day! :)
15-10 14:03:37 Vrabelisss Hi, i was banned for high KD ratio :D Can you pls unban me? Im not a hacker.
1-10 12:48:06 Michael you'll have to die more often :D thank you for unbann ;)
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