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22-3 4:28:00 Reverendo Bernocchi Horacio, ahora puedes jugar: te he liberado de "Modded V", pero DEJA DE USAR CHEATS, de otra manera, la próxima vez nadie puede salvar tu trasero, ¿entiende? ...que tengas un buen día. :)
21-3 2:07:13 Horacio Reverendo, can you unban me from nemoskal v?
21-3 0:43:55 Reverendo Bernocchi a mortacci... ma per caso, la schermata iniziale del gioco, ha l'immagine del vietnam?, perche' nel caso fosse cosi', prova a cliccare su bad company 2, e quando l'immagine cambia da vietnam a bad company 2, prova a cercare i servers: se ti compaiono... ...sei un frocio :D fatti sentire, ma chiama, odio gli sms
19-3 18:39:47 mortacci how many vip there are now? i was 1 to but i stop play for a long wile so i been removed and is right, now i think i will come back but i get some problem with the server,can't find nemo server,just the modded v...don't know why,any suggestion?
17-3 4:37:15 Mr Simbolitos jonhs Anyway, if you can fix this, it would be incredible, since I like to help keep the server cheats out, otherwise I can help by reporting them in any way
17-3 4:35:54 Mr Simbolitos jonhs ooo, now I understand, I was just trying to help Maximus then, since he has more time because I wanted to help him, I regret any misunderstanding on my part, my point of view is that as Maximus tried to bane you, I thought he already had a good reason, so I just wanted to help him without asking and there my mistake
17-3 4:27:29 Zekaev so i take your vip this is easy to understand :)
17-3 4:27:00 Zekaev Second i wasnt cheating as always :) you cursed than banned me without reason and without any warning
17-3 4:25:59 Zekaev First i have a 1 account 4 another names so this is not your business
17-3 4:24:59 Zekaev :)
17-3 4:21:49 Mr Simbolitos jonhs hello and good afternoon, it turns out that one zakeav took away the vip just because I banned him when he used cheats in another account, I think it is better to explain how to avoid doubts, just in the morning "maximus" tried to eliminate zakeav ( but he used another account with cheats) I saw he could not do it so he tried to help him and as we applied for 10 minutes he always came back, so to stop bothering he decided to apply permanent ban, then he went back into his account and we removed the vip to me and maximus, he returned it later but said that for me no longer, I do not know why, and do not ask to avoid conflicts so I prefer to ask here and see how to resolve this or what they think In this regard, greetings good night!
13-3 18:41:05 mortacci hi nemo what's up
25-2 17:51:15 Xperia Верните VIP пожалуйста, честно заработаный. Саасибо огромное!
23-2 23:57:03 Horacio I have recording
23-2 23:56:53 Horacio This diesel hates me a lot, i dont why he is always accusing me.
23-2 23:54:17 Horacio Can someone unbanned me from nemoskal V and III
23-2 3:34:08 Reverendo Bernocchi Eribeiro, se eu te dei a proibição, com certeza é porque você usou cheats, no entanto, seu nome não resulta em nenhum "BanList" em nenhum servidor, então ... ... você pode jogar feliz, mas: não use cheats, senão você tem outra proibição! Bom dia :)
21-2 12:11:08 ERibeiro Nunca usei Hack e Tu Bernocchi me dava Ban no servidor, mais o server é bom, parei de jogar BC2 jogo mais o BF4, quando jogava no BC2 Aparecia que vcs tinham servidor no BF4 Tem ?Nunca achei (!) (!)
14-2 23:47:52 Mr Simbolitos jonhs crabz has very good ping the wretch, so his shots hit without delay besides that is very good in medium long distances, until I thought he used imbot, but only for his ping
14-2 23:42:09 Mr Simbolitos jonhs I have about 4 years playing on their servers (I play the raven clan and the servers in North America before they closed them) and they do not give me VIP ":, ok no hhahahaah
14-2 6:30:45 Reverendo Bernocchi @ Diesel i dont need a little child (like you), who play with a damn aimbot, and then try to demonstrate me he is a "skilled player", using a stupid fake video to demostrate i was wrong. I am a bit older than you, i play videogames since 1980, i have played online much than 15 years, and also, i have encounter many cheaters (unfortunately in real life too), so i have a bit of knowledge in cheats/cheaters/liars. More than one time, in game, i see you get "autocurse" by a server script, then you "uncurse" yourself ...funny ...or also, i see everytime you know my position, even if i'am hide in the grass on other side of the map, and very far far from you (800/900 meters), you kill me at first shoot! always!!! ...nah, you can say what you want, even insult me, but... still remains a cheater and a pathetic liar (but with a nice Aimbot). Bye Diesel! I hope never meet you in game again, otherwise, is hard for me, see a "Vip", who abuse of his power (using cheats, accusing, insulting and banning people without a reason/proof), and resist to not removing your Vip Status (that you evidently do not deserve). Don't waste your little head for answer me; surely, i don't waste my time anymore with you. Now, i know who/what you are, and you know what i think about you. That's All! Don't worry, Diesel, the life, can return you all that you give. still cheating? Good Luck! you will need a lot of it in your life!
13-2 11:20:57 DieselPow3R that's no proof you retard,you are hilaroius you know that ? you can clearly see in my gameplays that i don't cheat. dude i mean srsly? how pathetic are you? it seems to be more promesing to talk to a wall than you.
13-2 5:27:39 Reverendo Bernocchi Finally, i have understand the "Diesel Tricks": Well, as i have say before, video isn't a proof of nothing! take a look here: «link» you can try: OBS, can record a Video Gameplay, without recording Hacks Interface, cause there's a possibility of recording a separate process,so: BFBC2.exe, can be recorded AIMBOT.exe (or .dll), appear on your monitor, but not in recorded video!!!!! ....DIESEL, I HAVE FOUND YOUR TRICK xD ....NOW STOP SAY BULLSHITS AND START PLAY FAIR xD
13-2 5:20:20 JoyalJose I too got banned by flying with u
13-2 5:19:50 JoyalJose Hey Joey remember Foxtrot47
11-2 21:07:47 DieselPow3R and you had some incredible kills but I'm sorry if i was wrong :)
11-2 21:07:02 DieselPow3R Captn_Crabz i banned you because people complained about you cheating. :)
9-2 7:58:43 Joey my ingame name is poopooman
9-2 7:58:36 Joey by NEMOSKAL
9-2 7:58:21 Joey Wtf I was perm banned for "aim" but im not hacking
9-2 2:38:59 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Cpt. I played against Jackie Chan many times, and I've never seen him use cheats (I hope I was not wrong), however I will keep my eyes open: if I find out he uses cheats, next time, I will not have mercy. Thanks Nemo, I wish you a Happy Week-End :P
8-2 8:03:01 NEMOSKAL i have banned Jackie Chan, thought that he is a cheater. But you have powers to unban, so i dont care :P
6-2 12:24:39 G1o O.O
6-2 3:51:41 Reverendo Bernocchi I forgot to mention Jackie Chan, who, like Simbolitos & Crabz, is not on the cheaters / assholes list, but who has been banned for no reason. That i want to tellyou, Mr. Diesel, I may have been mistaken, accusing you of cheating (and anyway I apologized to you), perhaps, you can also should apologize to them, and do not abuse your power; as you can see, isn't so hard going wrong: one day, can i take bad decision, one other you can do same error too. We're Human dude, we can fail ...that's life xD . Have a nice Day.
6-2 3:27:42 Reverendo Bernocchi hahaha, probably Rambo (Diesel), was more pissed than usual (the funny thing is that Diesel, complained that I was not a good "Vip", and that I misused my power when I banned him because he was playing like a Rambo dick in a cocaine hit ... I thought he was using an aimbot) LOOOOOOOOL; however, I have played many times with Simbolitos & Crabz, I know their play without cheats. To "Ban" people, it takes a good reason (cheats / racists / ass holes / etc), and these 2 guys, they're not in that "list". ... anyway, Simbolitos & Crabz, now it's all ok bro's, be Happy and join back to Modded V, guys: now I have removed the "Ban", so... ... let's see you in game (one of these evenings), as soon as I get rid of women :P . Nice Day to all, Brothers & Sisters.
5-2 5:36:30 Captn_Crabz Hi. This "diesel" guy just banned me forever for the rush server just because I killed him many times.. without any reasons.. this guy need to be removed from admin server. He is just a stupid kid.
31-1 0:25:31 Mr Simbolitos jonhs ey guys, i hava a problem is why -diesel- cursed me only for i killed when he making base rape and just angry and first banned me and next he cursed me, somebody here can repair that? so thanks and good night!
29-1 21:40:22 Mr Simbolitos jonhs ok, thanks!
29-1 20:28:30 Gabriela Michell wait, imgoing to bam all hackers
29-1 19:54:18 Mr Simbolitos jonhs he name is ufoman nvl26
29-1 19:53:48 Mr Simbolitos jonhs hey guys, im report cheater in scuad death match in arica arbor map
29-1 18:11:33 Gabriela Michell voy a entrar a jugar un rato. No soy tan buena jugadora como antes.
29-1 18:10:51 Gabriela Michell yo no quiero a maduro, el es malo, vivimos en una dictadura. Nuestro internet es restringido, casi todo esta bloqueado. Venezuela no queremos a los chinos ni a los rusos nunca mas en nuestro country.
29-1 18:07:38 Gabriela Michell Hola, amiguito.
29-1 1:21:26 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola SuperGaby, estoy tan feliz de escucharte ... ¿cómo estás? ... espero que bien, ¿cómo es la situación política en venezuela? ... Espero que los venezolanos sean fuertes, los putos estadounidenses, durante más de 50 años, intenten invadir a Venezuela para saquear el petróleo y los diamantes. Ese perro bastardo de G.W. Bush, había intentado con Chávez, pero Chávez se las había arreglado para rechazarlo, ahora con Maduro, será más difícil mantener distante a los cerdos estadounidenses: le deseo mucha suerte Gaby, pero: preste atención a Guaido, porque es un títere, puesto por los estadounidenses; Así que no hará nada bueno para Venezuela. Te abrazo fuerte, Gaby, y te dejo con las palabras tan verdaderas, como proféticas, de un gran hombre como Chávez. Un beso SuperGaby.
28-1 17:37:16 Gabriela Michell hola como están todos.
16-1 21:16:02 G1o O.O
2-1 3:27:44 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Cpt. Nemo... ...Permanent ban on Modded 5, doesn't work, and it's a shame, because tonight was full of motherfuckers cheaters! ...Need you come back in Game, with the powerful BanHammer in your hand...Have a Nice Day, Bro :D
29-12 1:32:36 Reverendo Bernocchi :D :D :D
28-12 17:32:24 NEMOSKAL Grande :D
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