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9-6 5:42:26 moh.mnts I already banned players who did not use hack or less bothered in the game to their liking of the (diesel)
reberendo friend do something against diesel because it does not leave us calm when playing
9-6 5:38:36 moh.mnts hello reberendo I am moh.mnts your old friend and good I wanted to tell you that there is a user vip or adm of nemoskal (diesel) does not let us play quietly and I pass several times and it is the height that removes the vip passes to other players who play quiet (diesel) the owner of the server is believed when it enters
9-6 3:04:35 Mr Simbolitos jonhs hahahh diesel can you look at any hack interface in this diesel video?
8-6 17:06:11 Oleksandr thnaks Reverendo im glad to see u lately
8-6 17:04:39 Oleksandr im not using cheats LOL, everybody knows that im playing like normal gamer, no hacks/no cheats and no hates ))) just fight with love
8-6 7:44:13 DieselPow3R easy alex just stop cheating everywhere :P :P
8-6 6:31:08 Gabriela Michell Ban Appeals & Complaints
8-6 6:26:18 Alex Hey! Hi everyone, Hi Sr. Nemoskal, I'm Alex T69 and allways play in Nemoskal V server, i love that server, but sometimes there is a noob admin, it is called Diesel, well today he cursed me and I don't know why, here is my video record, I just wanna play in peace, Gaby knows me in the game, thanks. «link»
8-6 6:08:29 Gabriela Michell Reverendo por favor lee el foro y Avisale a NEMOSKAl y a los demas
8-6 5:49:54 Gabriela Michell No te preocupes amigo Reverendo, siempre seras mi amigo :-*
7-6 21:59:14 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Oleksandr, I'm glad you managed to restore BFBC2. I normally play when I come home (02/04 AM) but lately, I'm not playing much, because I'm going back home around 05AM (if I come back home) however, i hope (one of these nights), we will meet on one of the Nemoskal battlefields: Welcome back to the "Bad Company" my friend. I wish you a very good day. See you soon Bro :)
7-6 16:42:59 Oleksandr Thank u so much Mortacci and Reverendo(my old friend) its working now, so like said mortacci just need to restore my password on the nexus server but find only thanks ur link Reverendo/ So happy!!!See you on the battlefied ))) what about servers like Nemoskal I,II,V atd.?Im looking now no pplz like usual 30 or 32.Nobody
5-6 3:27:38 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola Gaby ... cuando anoche te dije que los estadounidenses quieren derrocar al gobierno de Maduro y poner en marcha ese saco de la mierda de Juan Guaido, es solo porque Maduro quiere distribuir el dinero obtenido vendiendo petróleo al pueblo venezolano Guaido, entregaría directamente el petróleo (y el dinero) a los estadounidenses. Recuerde, si la medicina y la comida no llegan a Venezuela, es porque los estadounidenses bloquean toda la ayuda directa a Venezuela y hacen que el mundo crea que la culpa es de Maduro, pero no lo es. Gaby, soy tu amigo, y por eso te digo que tengas cuidada con los estadounidenses ... son muy buenos para decir mentiras. «link»
Un beso gaby, buena suerte (sorry for my Spanish) :)
3-6 20:54:50 Gabriela Michell unbanned
3-6 13:52:56 emlaglabam is there any admin online
3-6 13:51:30 emlaglabam Check Forum and unban me please i did not thing wrong
31-5 7:46:35 Gabriela Michell chat in web site an unban players in web site
31-5 7:45:50 Gabriela Michell conquest and rush mode
31-5 7:45:36 Gabriela Michell para conquista y asalto
31-5 7:45:24 Gabriela Michell para conquista y asanto
31-5 7:44:59 Gabriela Michell Hola, espero que estes bien Sr. Nemoskal. Tengo tanto tiempo sin jugar que he olvidado muchos comandos. si me podrias ayudar o actualizarlos.
9-5 20:40:28 Reverendo Bernocchi @Pynabetyar
1) Normally, if you get "cursed", there's a good reason, so why i have to think, your case is different?
2) Your Name is Pynabetyar and not Pynabetar (as you write), so attention on what you do, otherwise people waste his time to find you in the list, only for your bullshits.
3) Read the Server Rules, to understand how to avoid troubles in the future:
...btw, for this time (and only for this time), i have "un-cursed" you.
I hope in the future you can understand how this server work.
...have a nice day.
9-5 19:00:10 Pyna Someone can remove it i cant play like this
9-5 18:53:47 Pyna i've still have the curse on the Nemoskal V server can you guys help me?
8-5 12:01:33 Pyna My full id is : Pynabetar
8-5 12:01:20 Pyna Can somebody help me?
8-5 10:50:26 Pyna i've been cursed for no reason on the Nemoskal V server
8-5 10:49:26 Pyna Hello any admin online?
3-5 22:41:09 Reverendo Bernocchi @Emiliano: Hola Emiliano, desafortunadamente no sé cómo ayudarte, pero puedes intentar escribir en el foro en "Technical Questions", Sr. Nemoskal o alguien más puede ayudarte. Que tengas un buen dia.

@Bang Bang: Hi Bang Bang, only admins can unmute you, otherwise, you need to be in-game (on Modded V), and Admins or Vips (if they are present in-game), can unmute you. Have a Nice Day.
3-5 20:21:44 Bang Bang MY INGAME ID IS pRo_9
3-5 9:56:09 Emiliano hola tengo una pregunta me dijeron k tengo k pedir autorización para agregar un servidor con archivo hexadecimado modificado .. eso es verdad ? de ser asi alguin podria darme unlink donde pedir autorización == ? desde y amuchas gracias! :)
2-5 16:26:26 mud Hi
1-5 22:16:41 Reverendo Bernocchi hola senor Montes :P
1-5 13:04:20 moh.mnts hola reberendo
29-4 22:14:29 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Nemo ...i think "bhawanaconsultancy", need a IP Ban, before he fill the site, of fucking Spam :O ...Have a Nice Day, Cpt. Nemo :D
22-4 23:22:01 Reverendo Bernocchi hello Oleksandr i'm glad to hear you again: what is happening to you, never happened to me, but I think (and I hope) this link may be useful for you «link»
Have a nice day my friend, I hope to meet you in the game (one of these nights).
22-4 23:14:02 Reverendo Bernocchi привет Александр снова рад вас слышать, что случается с вами, никогда не случалось со мной, но я думаю (и я надеюсь), эта ссылка может быть полезной для вас «link»
Хорошего дня, мой друг, я надеюсь встретить тебя в игре (одна из этих ночей).
22-4 19:49:49 mortacci Oleksandr you have to restore your password on nexus server
22-4 16:38:57 Oleksandr `Hi Reverendo, how are you?Hope u remember me?Aleksandr.Was long time ago in the game and today try to play but i remember my login(forgot my password).Can u help me how to recover or find this password?Thanks
22-4 15:42:02 Oleksandr Добрый день, уважаемые!Сегодня пытался войти в BBC2 очень давно незаходил, хотел поиграть по сети, но кроме логина пароль не помню. Подскажите как узнать пароль?Дуже дякую
13-4 6:24:09 MAXIMUS hi people. why bf does not start. writes master server unavailable. the project rome master server seems to be unreachable. the means that the server is down you dont have an active internet connection or your firewall is blocking the connection
30-3 3:31:06 Reverendo Bernocchi thanks Emiliano or Ludmila (as you prefer) :-* ... see you in-game, Dude. :P
30-3 3:29:27 Reverendo Bernocchi thanks emiliano or Ludmila (as you prefer) ... see you in-game, dude. :P
29-3 3:25:29 Emiliano This chat Is very nice :) :) :)
29-3 3:23:43 Emiliano In game my nick name Is .. Ludmila_carla .. ;) and my friend .. Emiliano_ledesma ..
29-3 3:21:30 Emiliano I m from Argentina.buenos Aires .. :|
29-3 3:20:32 Emiliano I m love this mod .! thacks for this.. great job :D
23-3 3:13:09 Reverendo Bernocchi De nada, horacio ... no hay problema. Nos vemos en el juego :P
23-3 1:02:26 Horacio Gracias Reverendo, igualmente te juro que no uso cheats. Dentro de poco subire video. Saludos.
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