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5-12 5:40:09 NEMOSKAL Welotarow uncursed
5-12 5:39:31 NEMOSKAL Medic-kit-abuser unbanned
4-12 19:14:48 Welotarow Nevermind, the original link works with 1080p after all. It just took about one hour for youtube to process the HD version. Anyway my latest autoban video can be found here in 1080p: «link»
4-12 18:33:06 Welotarow I just realized that the 1080p video quality dropped to 360p after uploading to youtube for some reason. I will render the video again to different file format and I will try publish it again with 1080p resolution. This should take around 40 mins.
4-12 18:27:27 Welotarow So please uncurse “Welotarow” and unban my other autobanned accounts “Mercoraz”, “Healing-abuser” and “Medic-kit-abuser” on NEMOSKAL modded V.
4-12 18:24:30 Welotarow Here is the 50/8 KD autobanned video: «link»
4-12 17:12:11 Welotarow Ahhhh… I played only one single round with Mercoraz and I accidentally got autobanned with 50/8 KD. Its so difficult to pay attention not to hit 50 kills. So that was already 4th account which I managed to get banned or cursed at the same time. I will post video as soon as its uploaded. :S
4-12 16:36:01 Welotarow Well, in the meantime while my other accounts are banned and cursed I will be playing in Nemoskal modded V with a soldier name Mercoraz. I will try my best to remember to kill myself before reaching 20 kills.
4-12 16:32:13 Welotarow Hmm... my third account is also banned :S Could you unban "Medic-kit-abuser" as well in Nemoskal modded V? Apparently I reached 50/8 KD with that account at some point in the past. :D
4-12 16:17:51 Welotarow Oh, my other soldier "Healing-abuser" is still banned to Nemoskal modded V. Could you unban that one as well?
4-12 15:58:49 Welotarow I just uploaded a video of that incident to youtube. Its here: «link»
4-12 15:54:04 Welotarow Hello, could someone uncurse me in Nemoskal modded V? I completely forgot to suicude myself before reaching 20 kills.
1-12 19:23:40 Gabriela Michell unbanned
1-12 17:51:09 Welotarow My banned soldier names are Welotarow and Healing-abuser. I would like to kindly ask you to unban both soldier names.
1-12 17:50:33 Welotarow My channel can be found here:
1-12 17:50:11 Welotarow Hello Gabriela, Thank you for the information a few days ago. I start to post my gameplay videos to youtube to prove that I’m not using any cheats.
Could you please watch my first video and unban me from Nemoskal modded V? I also wrote some analysis to the video description about my gameplay. Please also be patient with my first recording attempt. I will try my best to improve the quality for the next videos.
30-11 18:26:14 Vey19 Зайду завтра после работы
30-11 18:25:59 Vey19 Кинь ссылку на дискорд
30-11 16:58:54 Tamilan «link»
30-11 16:58:52 Tamilan this is my channel...but i highly doubt it will be enough for u
30-11 16:28:45 Tamilan no vey19 its you...You cant handle when someone is better than you. I have shown my gameplays to nemo
30-11 14:55:55 NEMOSKAL зайди в дискорд
30-11 13:59:54 Vey19 Если не сложно свяжись со мной в Вк или как то еще чтоб побеседовать по поводу этих вопросов. Заранее спасибо
30-11 13:59:12 Vey19 Немо, Привет. Прошу обратить внимание на Тамилана. Использует читы, просто не дает играть. Сделать нечего не могу. Нет прав.
30-11 12:05:03 Vey19 Tamilan. Turn off your delusions of grandeur.
30-11 12:03:48 Vey19 Tamilan. Выключи свою манию величия.
24-11 22:01:39 Gabriela Michell do it
24-11 22:01:36 Gabriela Michell sure
24-11 21:48:26 Welotarow Hmm… Is there a possibility to get unbanned if I prove with recorded videos that I’m not using any cheats?
24-11 21:43:12 Welotarow Well thank you anyway of being reasonable with me previously.
24-11 21:43:02 Welotarow Some players just can’t accept that someone can be good at this game after playing 10 years and 2000 hours.
24-11 21:40:26 Welotarow ok... Do you think I really cheat somehow or was I banned just because too much complaining from other players?
24-11 21:39:03 Gabriela Michell multiple complaints from other players about you
24-11 21:38:17 Gabriela Michell 40/13
24-11 21:37:32 Welotarow May I ask why I was banned this time by admin? Did I break some kind of server rule?
23-11 11:28:38 Welotarow The conversation between me and Gabriela continued inside the server. All my NEMOSKAL server related issues were fixed.
22-11 16:56:35 Welotarow Oh, I just realized that Welotarow is still cursed as well. The character dies every time I kill someone. Any possibility you could fix that one as well?
22-11 16:53:32 Gabriela Michell but im a girl
22-11 16:53:15 Gabriela Michell thanks
22-11 16:50:07 Welotarow You have awesome service here guys, thank you
22-11 16:49:36 Welotarow Altough I would suggest to be in the same team with me :P
22-11 16:49:07 Welotarow I hope to see you in the game there as well :D
22-11 16:48:51 Welotarow Thank you very much. You have exceeded my expectations :D
22-11 16:48:26 Gabriela Michell done
22-11 16:48:07 Gabriela Michell anything else I can help you with?
22-11 16:48:01 Welotarow When I try to join the server NEMOSKAL modded V with main main account Welotarow, I get message "You have been kicked from the game. The reason is: Mercoraz Auto-banned - WH (Score: 50/11).
22-11 16:47:56 Gabriela Michell unbanned
22-11 16:46:10 Welotarow Same server: NEMOSKAL modded V
22-11 16:45:33 Gabriela Michell in what server?
22-11 16:44:30 Welotarow Thank you very much, is there a possibility to unban playername "Mercoraz" as well? I was autobanned with that soldier reaching 50 kills at some point. "Mercoraz" is also under the same key with main account "Welotarow" and the ban on Mercoraz is apparently blocking me from playing with my main account Welotarow. Anyway, could you please unban "Mercoraz" as well?
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