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16-8 2:03:06 Reverendo Bernocchi @Simbo this isn't the gameplay on Nemoskal V, the night when you evidently using a massive aimbot, this is just a bullshit of a gameplay video in one server (where i have never play), so, simply stop play with cheats, stop lie, stop posting bullshits (that i have not time to see/reply), and take a look at this serious gameplay (without cheats), and ...learn something xD ...have a nice day Simbo «link»
15-8 22:26:10 Mr Simbolitos jonhs «link»
im play normal reverendo hahahaah
14-8 15:46:45 Arch Привіт :)
нещодавно грав на вашому хардкор сервері і отримав бан від бота "Ти ВХ бо завеликий рахунок", граю чесно без чітів чи ще чогось, якщо треба то останні 10хв бою зберіг і можу показати. Писати в темах не хотів бо (наскільки я памятаю раніше цей бан був на 1-2дня) якщо не так то хелп пліз

13-8 1:47:46 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Zek :)
8-8 13:50:44 Zekaev hunter...Ah shit, here we go again.
5-8 23:05:19 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello, Hunter_HUN :)
3-8 19:24:10 Hunter_HUN heyy, whats up:)
26-7 1:52:42 Reverendo Bernocchi I will be away from home on a camping trip, for 4 days of music, peace and love ... our "woodstock" has begun. Happy weekend to everyone :-* «link»
23-7 3:07:16 Reverendo Bernocchi Привет, Аrch, я не тот, кто решает, кто будет "VIP", я стал VIP по счастливой случайности (и не просил быть VIP), так что ... ... кто знает: может быть, однажды ты тоже станет Vip .... посмотрите на эту ссылку: «link»

Добрый день брат :)
22-7 12:28:58 Arch Як стати vip-ом? чи це не для простих смертних? :)
21-7 23:16:58 Reverendo Bernocchi @Arch; Спасибо брат :)
21-7 16:17:03 Arch 228r1337r1488 - CHEATER (NEMO HARDCORE)
10-7 0:13:05 Reverendo Bernocchi thanks Micak, surely if some Admin meets him in the game, he will use a "medieval remedy" for his ass xD However, if you happen to encounter cheaters in the game, use the command: !Report PLAYERNAME, to report it to the Admins / vips; in any case, on all NEMOSKAL servers, you can use the !info command, to display the list of executable commands that you can do from the BadCompany 2 game chat. Thanks again, and have a nice day. :)
8-7 21:33:59 Micak please ban [COD] Mi 28 Night Stalker, wh and aim
8-7 0:07:31 Gabriela Michell Estabas en la lista de Baneados
7-7 23:13:21 Reverendo Bernocchi hola Gaby, no entendí donde me prohibieron, de todos modos. Nunca uso "discord", pero traté de entrar, y funciona todos. Gracias SuperGaby :)
7-7 19:54:08 Gabriela Michell Hola, de casualidad me di un paseo por la lista de baneados en discordapp y te encontre alli solito y abandonado. Quien te Baneo? Ya estas devuelta amigo reverendo. :)
1-7 6:03:02 Gabriela Michell O.O O.O O.O
30-6 19:31:24 Tamilan «link»
30-6 19:31:21 Tamilan Sry this link
30-6 15:46:27 Tamilan «link»
30-6 15:46:23 Tamilan Gabyvzla you asked for my gameplay. Here it is
27-6 22:56:11 Reverendo Bernocchi Dear diesel, I really have to thank you: I followed your advice (between the other, it is the first sensible thing you say), and ...I met more girls in these six days, than you can meet in your whole life; this time, you were right: definitely better to go out and meet some nice pussy, rather than being here to read your bullshits! indeed: do you know what I tell you? I go out again. bye :P
20-6 23:38:33 DieselPow3R Lol go get a life Mario
20-6 2:34:55 Reverendo Bernocchi king? I? ... hahaha, diesel ... what the fuck you say LOL ... here the only king, are you (king of bullshits you say and do) hahaha. It really seems that you can't "put aside" your pride and your arrogance; btw. even if you are the most asshole german guy (after angela merkel of course), and even if by now it is clear that your "IQ" can be compared to that of a toilet lid ... no problem diesel: we love you, like as if you were "normal", but, in any case, if (one of these days) you find a brain "for sale", don't miss the opportunity! buy it immediately! ...and find out what a fantastic feeling is, finally, having a "thinking brain". Good luck, my "king" :-*
18-6 12:22:22 Gabriela Michell Sometimes nemoskal uses my nick to play with my name. Sometimes it's not me who plays. is nemoskal
18-6 12:19:51 Gabriela Michell But remember that I am the first vip. You should have stopped when I warned you.
18-6 12:17:41 DieselPow3R and who does this reverendo think he is? YOU¨RE a fucking bc2 admin not a KING.. you pathetic moron..
18-6 12:16:08 DieselPow3R all those L.A cheat i've got a whole discord server that says the same.
18-6 12:15:46 DieselPow3R lol i'm not abusing anyone.. you uncursed a cheater without consulting the one who cursed
18-6 12:13:07 Gabriela Michell But do not keep abusing other players
18-6 12:09:04 Gabriela Michell I am not your enemy. You can continue playing on the servers of nemoskal
18-6 12:07:24 Gabriela Michell Stop Diesel, You should have thought from the beginning. I am the first vip from the first server of nemoskal.You should not attack me, I'm always the favorite of nemoskal
18-6 11:54:53 DieselPow3R i can just say the same to you :P
17-6 16:48:27 Gabriela Michell Nenoskal, did you receive my message? by Whatsapp :)
17-6 1:59:29 Gabriela Michell a como de lugar
17-6 1:59:18 Gabriela Michell voy a quitarme esta maldicion
17-6 1:58:59 Reverendo Bernocchi done, Gaby :P
17-6 1:55:15 Gabriela Michell revrendo EA_A89274E11CA503628159A1C846E0C494
17-6 0:21:36 Reverendo Bernocchi hahaha know, Diesel, there are cases (like your), in which it is better to keep the mouth shut and risking to look like an idiot, rather than talking, and dispelling any doubts. You wasted another occasion to keep your mouth shut. hahaha, you really don't understand a fuck! If you weren't fucking arrogant, I would almost feel sorry for you, but unfortunately (for you), you're just a poor asshole! :_(
13-6 18:49:05 DieselPow3R You just described yourself moron..
12-6 23:47:26 Reverendo Bernocchi hahaha, poor Diesel ... when you talk about my "abuses of power", do you mean when in the game I had removed your VIP privileges? ... hahaha, what a retarded: it was not an "abuse" but just a "tasting" of what would have happened to you by continuing to be an asshole, but... usual, you didn't understand a fuck! I hope at least now (that everyone pointed you out how much idiot you are),finally you have understand it (even if i'm not sure for a fuck) ... I don't have anything to say to you anymore, and above all, I don't fucking care on what you think / do: for me, you're nobody! you're not, and you've never been anyone (just a fucking cheater, who abused the powers that evidently you didn't deserve to have), and finally, as you can see, time has proved me right! R.I.P. :-*
12-6 18:04:35 Zekaev tak tak who is talking ? who is diesel :) :)
12-6 11:38:26 DieselPow3R Reverendo you are the last one to open ur mouth about abusing admin power hahaha
11-6 2:04:40 Gabriela Michell he signed his death sentence by messing with me :)
10-6 3:38:43 Reverendo Bernocchi hahaha in the end, justice has triumphed. I've always said, that Diesel was a fucking cheater, and abused his power, banning people for no reason. I'm really glad this asshole isn't VIP anymore. Thank you all
9-6 11:39:11 Gabriela Michell I will be online all day
9-6 11:37:28 Gabriela Michell It would be great to recover all my powers. directly from the website ;)
9-6 10:43:16 Gabriela Michell :D :D :D
9-6 7:01:37 NEMOSKAL problem is fixed :)
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