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24-9 4:32:48 Reverendo Bernocchi hahahaha, it's true, nevertheless ... ... they manage to waste your time instead of wasting theirs. Have a Nice Day Cpt. Nemo :)
23-9 10:22:46 NEMOSKAL Schoolguys have just too much time :D
19-8 23:22:25 Reverendo Bernocchi Доброе утро, господин Igor4k.
Я думаю, что Nemoskal (владелец сервера) выполняет обслуживание / обновление серверов.
Мы все надеемся, что серверы скоро снова подключатся к сети. :D
19-8 12:40:54 Igor4k Запусти сервера на нексусе пожалуйста
4-8 23:36:13 Reverendo Bernocchi Privet :P
4-8 2:19:52 BlackWhite hi :) )
31-5 2:03:55 Reverendo Bernocchi @JAKHRAL--> hahaha, ok, I understand you :)
... anyway (if you like red wine), I can suggest you to taste one of the best Italian grape varieties: it's called "NEBBIOLO" and it's simply fantastic (and above all, it doesn't make you anxious) :)
This one in particular is one of the best (quality / price ratio).
I don't know what country you live in, however (if from this site, they don't deliver to your country), I suggest you look for it somewhere else, but ... ... it's a wine that anyone (at least once in their life), should taste :)
... i wish you a very nice day, brother :)
30-5 10:16:51 JAKHRAL haha thx for detailed info :) Its just sometimes after work when i got some drinks and wanna play bf2... i got anxious when i cant :D 24h shifts so every hour counts :D
27-5 23:18:35 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Jakhral, I don't know what happened, because I connect (when I have time), late at night, anyway, I connected now to try, and, everything works: it is 01:13 AM (Italian time), of the day 28/05/2021; probably, they were doing some updates on the Nexus network (sometimes it happens), I think you can stay relaxed, it was just a temporary "failure": now everything seems ok. Good day brother. :D
27-5 12:01:50 JAKHRAL now its 3 hours :( i want to play some good old nemoskal :(
27-5 12:01:27 JAKHRAL i saw that before but it was 5min problem
27-5 12:00:38 JAKHRAL any idea?
27-5 12:00:34 JAKHRAL cant conect at all today, internet is fine, nothing unusual happening, something about server dead showing up. i dont remember where i got download from but something about project rome is coming up.
18-5 3:01:58 Reverendo Bernocchi @JAKHRAL: No Problems, Bro ...Have a Nice Day :)
17-5 10:45:54 JAKHRAL Oh, i thought that might be the case since i didnt recognize that server. Thx for response anyway :)
6-5 2:35:39 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello JAKHRAL, unfortunately, you can't find any "EMUNEXUS OFFICIAL" admin here, cause, "EMUNEXUS OFFICIAL", isn't a part of Nemoskal Servers, so... ...noone can help you dude;sorry.
Nemoskal, consists of 11 servers in total, of which 8 on the Nexus network, and 3 on the EA network:

a noisy place
a quiet place

ULTIMATE vs NEMOSKAL EA you can see here «link»

...Have a Nice Day Bro. :)
5-5 12:20:37 JAKHRAL EMUNEXUS OFFICIAL SERVER do you have admin rights there? 1cheater is 24\h :_(
24-4 18:12:34 Major no problem Reverendo , enjoy the parte weekend and stay strong cheers Major
24-4 1:32:56 Reverendo Bernocchi No problem Mr. Major. unfortunately lately I am very busy, and I don't have much time to play, however, sometimes I manage to connect, but always late at night, however, you can do the report directly from the game chat; in this case, you could write "!report weed" or "!report healths" (without quotes), and remember: in game chat, type "!info" (always without quotes), to see all you can do, from the game chat. P.S. I am out for the week-end (party time) :) ...probably, I won't be able to answer you shortly. Bye Bro.
23-4 17:30:44 Major sry admin for report cheater in the messanger , player cheater Weed Healths play on you bfbc2 server , he see me over the map , behing houses and every shoot kills me behing houses
21-4 21:51:33 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Major ...the better way to report cheaters is (when you're in-game), open game chat, and use this command: !report PLAYERNAME this way, the name of the faggot, remains recorded on the "ReportList", so, the main admins, can read the name and ban him directly from the server. Next time you play on Nemoskal, try the command: !info (from the game chat); this command, give you all the commands list and the server mods/information. Remember: you don't need to report cheaters here, you just need to report faggots directly from the game, using: !report PLAYERNAME (or part of PLAYERNAME). Thanks Dude, Have a Nice Day. :D
21-4 16:20:00 Major Hi Admin , next cheater player on your bfbc2 server Weed Healths maybe use aimbot to play greetz from Major
21-4 1:32:51 Reverendo Bernocchi @Major ...thanks to you for your report Major, and...
...yes, when i meet cheaters, i ban them, cause... ...The cheaters in game, are like a shit in the toilet: we have to "pull the water" and make it fall into the sewer, before the stench becomes unbearable!

I wish you a very nice day Bro
...seeyou soon on the battlefields :)
20-4 8:19:45 Major Thanks@Reverendo Bernocchi bann please all cheaters on your server
19-4 21:02:59 Reverendo Bernocchi @Major: Thank's for your report sir ...surely we will keeps eyes opened over this "FressenFaggot" :)
Have a Nice Day Bro.
19-4 21:02:28 Reverendo Bernocchi @Soniq: you forgot the 50/11 thing? ...really?? many time, you reach score like this (without cheats ofcourse)???
...i have some serious dubt, you're a "clean" player, so, i want do nothing, except suggest you to read this: «link»

...ask to Nemoskal or Gabriela Michell (main Admins of Nemoskal Servers), and if they want, you can be unbanned.

Good Luck
19-4 17:03:23 Major Hi admin , yesterday was playing a cheaterplayer on your server his name is FressenSeelenAuf
25-3 10:37:58 SONIQ Hi, guys. I forgot about the 50/11 thing and got banned. Could you unban me? Nickname - SONiQ^
25-3 0:05:41 Reverendo Bernocchi about the television propaganda on the "pandemic" of CoViD-19, listen to this passage, taken from "Network", a 1979 film, directed by Sidney Lumet.
I advise you to think very carefully, on the words you will hear, because (even if they were spoken 42 years ago), they are fucking current!

Network (1976)
We are the ilusion - Subtitulado Español
25-3 0:04:43 Reverendo Bernocchi @moh.mnts Hola Montes, En cuanto a tu solicitud, pregúntale a la administradora Gabriela Michell, y (si lo considera oportuno) te devolverá la condición de "vip". Buen día.
3-3 15:58:17 moh.mnts I do not have my vip membership because I am absent, I will be able to return my vip: c
3-3 15:54:28 moh.mnts hola reberendo :3
3-3 14:30:30 Gabriela Michell escribeme al privado y podre darte soporte
3-3 14:30:07 Gabriela Michell Hola Caryel por favor ingresa a discord «link»
3-3 1:58:27 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola Senor Caryel, lamentablemente mi español apesta, pero puedes preguntarle a la administradora Gabriela Michell, quien seguramente sabrá cómo ayudarte. Buen día. :)
3-3 1:55:31 Reverendo Bernocchi L.A. players Alex T.69 and crappy Admin Waifus Hunter| are cheaters.
Waifus, use aimbot, and ban/curse players for no reason (just for fun).
Can a bad Admin (like Waifus), put all these servers, under a bad light??
I hope, someone remove this L.A. shits, please. O.O
2-3 22:56:13 Caryel Hola Soy nuevo me llamo caryel, Acabo de pasar Bad company 2 y me llamo la atención el Multijugador ya tengo todo para iniciarlo pero cuando entro a su servidor Nemoskal modded IV Se sale :_( :_(
27-2 1:02:20 Reverendo Bernocchi still better: Gaby, please, teach Waifus how to be a good administrator :)
27-2 0:10:25 Reverendo Bernocchi @NEMO: Please Remove vip status to Waifus Hunter: worst Admin ever seen. Don't Ban Ceaters, and abuse his power. thx
13-2 10:36:41 NEMOSKAL banned forever
13-2 8:43:25 smax Your server is about to get a permaban. I suggest you make a backup
13-2 8:34:07 NEMOSKAL next time you get a permaban on all servers
13-2 6:37:06 smax Still muted and still cursed. I'm only insulting in return and only the degenerates who deserve it and ban for no reason. Trust me, I'll get to you you fucking cocksucker-one way or another
10-2 6:08:47 Gabriela Michell thank you for the information
10-2 6:08:25 Gabriela Michell ok ;)
8-2 20:51:28 Sandalini Friends of Vip, do not remove the punishment for Smax, he insulted Nemoskal servers on other projects. He must be punished accordingly.
I have evidence in the form of screenshots.
Thank you for understanding
8-2 20:44:59 Sandalini hi Gabi, How are you?
8-2 19:06:20 Gabriela Michell hi
8-2 18:01:54 Sandalini Ты думал что будешь оскорблять сервер и спокойно играть здесь? Серьезно? Хер тебе. Это я тебе ответственно заявляю. Все скрины сохранены чтоб ты понимал. Так что давай до свидания!
8-2 17:12:07 smax Okay, this is my third complaint: I have been cursed and muted by the sandalini degenerate 15 seconds into the game-didn't even get to fire a single shot lol. Let me remind you, I have done absolutely nothing wrong and this piece of fecal matter really has it out for me. Please remove his VIP status ASAP and restore my normal privileges. Thank you.
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