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20:08-- NEMOSKAL: Write me on discord
9:39-- Michael: Hello Nemo...I love your servers and I´d like to apply for admin on them... :)
0:29-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hello Mr. Michael, unfortunately I can login only sometimes, and always at night (Italian time), and I have never met this fagot (otherwise I would have surely already banned him), but it is also possible, that it is some cheater already banned in the past, which returns to breaking the balls, with a stupid new account. Unfortunately, it is full of idiots, who (rather than learning to play honestly) prefer to be insulted first, and then banned!
What to say: an idiot, obviously can't understand that he's an idiot, otherwise... ... he would't be an idiot! :)

anyway, thanks again for the "report" Michael; surely sooner or later, some admin will ban it. (me for sure, if i meet this dumbass) :)
...Have a Nice Day Bro
15:54-- Michael: nickname - ThatsMrGreen2U ! if you're reading this - playing with an advantage using a hack is mean and humiliating. I appeal to the administration: I have noticed more than once that THIS player is highly likely to use something that allows you to see other players through the textures. in other words, he uses a hack. and also repeatedly in the chat (inside the team) also claim that he uses a hack. plays constantly on your servers.
2:56-- Reverendo Bernocchi: ERRATA CORRIGE: nearlaw is clean (is not gerg27.3) ...sorry for the mistake ;)
3:53-- Reverendo Bernocchi: For all Admins:
NoobSIayer -|-
nearlaw and (probably) stoner1
is Same Asshole Cheater! BAN HIM EVERYWHERE!!!!
3:36-- Reverendo Bernocchi: For all Admins:
NoobSIayer -|-

is Same Asshole Cheater! BAN HIM EVERYWHERE!!!!
2:42-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hi Vrabelisss, if you're Auto-banned in Nemoskal Modded IV, is just for 24 hours; you're banned by a script (created by Nemo as a AntiCheat), for "possible WH" (Sniper score 20/2). Isn't a Permanent Ban, is just a Temporary Ban (you can play again, 24 hours after this ban), so ...just wait 24h, and in the meantime, (to relax yourself), read these few simple server info and rules:


Have a nice day! :)
14:03-- Vrabelisss: Hi, i was banned for high KD ratio :D Can you pls unban me? Im not a hacker.
12:48-- Michael: you'll have to die more often :D thank you for unbann ;)
11:11-- NEMOSKAL: You are uncursed, it was a server script that cused you because of high K/D ratio :)
8:30-- Michael: tell me in confidence, it was the server itself that banned me or one of the players complained?
8:04-- Michael: and this is wrong, so configure the server that does NOT RECOGNIZE cheats and a good skill. well, I'll play by your rules. OK
8:00-- Michael: but I'm really good at playing, so why would I want to get shot at? okay, how do I prove that I'm not a cheater? what should I do? more likely to die?))
7:09-- NEMOSKAL: There are no working tools to distinguish skills from cheats. So if you make 20:0 you are cheater untill you proove the opposite.
17:33-- Michael: SHICKCOMP
17:32-- Michael: I found myself! «link» what the hell am I doing here? I understood, who plays well, gets banned - so mean to do! I'm not a cheater, I just have a good skill
17:26-- NEMOSKAL: What is your nickname?
14:30-- Michael: hello everyone. yesterday, on the ULTIMATE VS NEMOSKAL server ( in CAPTURE mode ) in the game Battlefield bad company 2, I started getting killed after every time I kill someone. I had a long series of murders without my deaths (20 - 0 ) and someone probably thought that I was a cheater. although I don't use absolutely any cheats and hacks. why does it kill me every time? was I blocked? how to solve it? I can make a video. answer me
0:45-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Finally, i have found the damn trouble:
i just changed the PunkBuster setting, from 0 to 1
in "C:\Users\<userprofile>\Documents\BFBC2\GameSettings.ini"
Now i can join EA PunkBuster protected servers.
Fucking Yesssssssss :)

The only question still remain in my head is: why on Nexus, the nick "Reverendo Bernocchi" work, and in EA, is too long to be accepted?
I don't know, by the way, thanks for your help, Cpt. Nemo.
...if you see a "Roman" soldier on EA, named "PRAEDITUS", it's me :)

Have a Wonderful Day, Bro

seeyou :)
23:11-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hi Nemo, the problem is that I had already downloaded (and installed) both, in fact, the 2 processes PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe, are present in the task manager, but, when I try to enter the server, it always gives me the same fucking message: PunkBuster need to be installed and running etc. etc. trust me Nemo, I fucked my head all night, but ... ... I didn't solve anything ... luckily, the nexus servers work :)
5:16-- NEMOSKAL: Hi Reverendo, go to «link» and download first and second files and install both
3:57-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hello Nemo, no way to login EA Servers, always same damn PunkBuster error, like: To Access Server, PunkBuster need to be installed and running, but... ...the fucking PunkBuster is installed, and...still running!!! ...what the fuck, i don't understand where is the problem. For now, the problem is the time: is 06.00AM, and i have no more time to try for tonight, so ...i'll try tomorrow. Have a Nice Day Captain :)
20:45-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hi Nemo, after exhausting searches in the delirium of my house, I gave up: evidently, I lost the original BFBC2 DVD, so ... ... I bought a new code on origin :)
I created a new EA account (I didn't remember the nick or password of the old one at all), my nick on EA is not "Reverendo Bernocchi" (it didn't support such a long name, and I don't understand why), but "PRAEDITUS" (which is my second nick on NEXUS), however, I couldn't connect, because ... ... I don't have punkbuster installed (WTF). Now I have to go out, one of these nights, I'll try to install PunkBuster, then (maybe), I'll be able to connect :)
...seeyou Nemo, Have a Nice Day, Brother. :)
1:40-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hi Hunter, welcome back bro :)
23:06-- Hunter_HUN: tbh it's been quite a long time since we saw each other last time:D
23:05-- Hunter_HUN: I hope everything's fine with yall
23:05-- Hunter_HUN: Hello, Nemo!?
I've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege for quite a long time, and nowadays I'm playing Escape from Tarkov, and I'm developing in .NET since 3 years, and recently I started writing apps in C++.
Well, times have changed, so did I
19:04-- NEMOSKAL: Hi HUN! What did you play all the time? :O
18:15-- Hunter_HUN: hello there, whats up fellas
21:57-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hi Oleksandr, I'm happy to hear from you; It's been a long time since we last met on the battlefield: Nemo, he did a huge job with his servers, he managed to improve what already are the best; now its servers are simply the Top.
One of these evenings, I hope to have some time to play a couple of games, who knows: maybe we meet in the same team. Have a nice day brother. :)
19:13-- NEMOSKAL: Hallo Oleksandr, thanks for the kind words, i was also pretty busy last 2 years, now i will try to do my best to keep this game alive ;)
17:28-- Oleksandr: thank you Mr.Nemo that u are still work and your servers are the best. My last vist in this game was around 3 years ago. IM REALLY APPRECIATE FOR ALL WHAT U DO IN THIS BF PROJECT!!! (!) (!) (!) (!) (!)
15:27-- Oleksandr: nice everything is fine, i forgot some thing to do. See u in the game. Have a nice day :) :)
14:41-- Oleksandr: Hello, Reverendo and Mr. Nemo!Just tried to join again and looking for servers but its coulndt find anyone. Show me zero active servers. Maybe i do something bad? :| :( Thank you
2:01-- Reverendo Bernocchi: Hello Miguel :)

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